Jii — framework,
which you already know

Architecture and API Jii Framework based on PHP Yii Framework Yii 2.0, which taking it best sides and saved the advantages of JavaScript.

Appropriate API significantly lowers the barrier to entry in the Jii Framework.

Current and future


  • Query Builder, Active Record (MySQL), Model Validation
  • HTTP server with routing and URL creation
  • Structure components: Application, Module, Component...
  • Use Jii in browser
  • Scalable and reliable high-load comet server and client
  • ...

Future plans

  • Client-server bindings for data synchronisation
  • Authentication and authorization
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Can i help?

Of course! You can:

Join in development, write me letter for more information.

If you like framework idea, you can donate project. This is increase my motivation.

Tell everyone about Jii Framework. Нour friends and colleagues will be interesting!